Wednesday, January 22, 2014

NBA Players in New NBA Jerseys

         So there is no doubt that the NBA with Adidas is for some reason leaning toward short sleeved jerseys and material. It all started when the Warriors came out of nowhere with their short sleeved jerseys which earned quite a few critics including Stephen Curry says it "restricts his shooting." Earlier there has been talk inside the NBA and they approved small ads on jerseys and the short sleeved jerseys hinted those ads. This regular season many more teams have come out with short sleeved jerseys as their alternate jerseys and then the special edition Christmas jerseys, and now the short sleeved All-Star jerseys have been released. Well, my prediction is that in the next five years all NBA teams alternate jerseys will have ads and be short sleeved, take a look. (These are all real sponsors for each team)

This original photo was taken during on Christmas, if you can tell. Bacardi and Coca-Cola has been sponsors for the Heat even before the decision.  

Surprisingly, the Nets don't have a jersey that says "Nets" and I won;t be surprised if they do. The Nets have experience in advertising of jerseys because they already advertise PNY on their practice uniforms

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