Tuesday, January 7, 2014

An Unexpected Trade-off

The Bulls trade Luol Deng for Andrew Bynum


It finally happened. Andrew Bynum who has been quite a nuisance to the Cavs has been traded. Trade rumors were galore for him, including the most famous one, Bynum for Lakers Foreword/Center Pau Gasol. After Gasol made it clear he wanted to stay in L.A., people thought Bynum was sticking with Cleveland for good. Until the Cavs made a last minute trade for an All-Star.

Since the beginning of the season, everyone knew that the Bulls wanted to trade Luol Deng. But as the season moved on, it was clear that after the Derrick Rose injury, the Bulls needed a player that could really step up and take the lead, and thats exactly what Deng did. As the season progressed, it seemed like the Bulls really needed Deng's skill sets, so everyone thought the trade rumors were off. Deng has been putting up quite some numbers, averaging 19 ppg, and 6.9 rebounds this season. I guess thats why the Cavaliers needed to trade a few more things than Andrew Bynum.

The whole trade :

Cavs get: Luol Deng

Bulls get: Andrew Bynum, Kings' first round pick, 2 second round picks, and the Bulls can swap the 2015 first round pick.

Thats a lot for just Luol Deng. Is this a good deal? Leave your comments below!

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