Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Blazing the Trail

Damian Lillard (#0) drives to the basket


The once quiet Trailblazers are finally making a name for themselves in the tough Western Conference.  With new stars Damian Lillard and Lamarcus Aldridge, Portland has easily flew to the top seeds. Portland, the most accurate team from downtown, made some huge changes in the off season, changes that no one noticed or cared about. However, the four player change that happened has certainly seemed to help this team quite a bit. Currently, they are the most highest scoring team in the NBA. Just take a look at their shot chart! (That right corner though...)

But what does this mean for the playoffs, and can they carry on their amazing performance ability all the way through? Right now tied with San Antonio for the second seed in the Western Conference, they have slowly been moving down, giving their first seed position to the Kevin Durant led OKC. My prediction, they will make the playoffs at LEAST 4th seed. Yup, thats right. I do believe they can finish with a good record, but I predict that they will only make it as far as the Western Conference Semifinals in the playoffs. I do like their lineup and all, but Portland has had very little playoff experience, and they don't know how hard it is to compete for a championship.

On the bright side, they have Damian Lillard. He is going to be one of the top point guards in the league in a few years, maybe sooner than I expected. The path is only uphill for him, and even if they can't get to the finals, he will still continue to improve as a player.

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  1. Yeah, that's exactly my predictions! Their still young and their experience level is low.