Sunday, January 5, 2014

Lets Get the Engine Running

Josh Smith (#6) complains about a foul call


The City of Detroit has won 3 championships, the last one not to long ago in 2004. With recent signing of Atlanta's star Josh Smith the Pistons are looking to at least make the playoffs. Smith however is not performing as expected. With only averaging 15 ppg, he has not been putting that much of an impact as the hype wanted him to be. 15 ppg is the lowest average since his rookie year of 9.9 ppg. Thats a problem. Ok, well Josh is a mostly defensive player. Well the numbers are not proving that either. He is averaging 6.6 rebounds per game. Again, another low other than his rookie season of 6.2 rpg. Honestly, I think the Pistons will make the playoffs this year, but they won't get past the first round.

Lets take a look at another 'star' of the Motor City. Unlike Josh, Andre Drummond is really improving. Completely obliterating his rookie season stats (7.9 ppg, 7.6 rpg), Drummond has really taken leadership of this emerging team. Now with average 13 ppg and 12.4 rpg, Im predicting this kid is going to be an All-Star sometime soon. He's already out stat-ing (if that a word) the supposed star of this team, Smith. The other big, Greg Monroe, is also putting some numbers in the bucket (14.6 ppg, 8.9 rpg), and it looks like this team is ready to become one of the endangered Foreward-Center run teams.

Well, we can't forget about the guy from next door, Brandon Jennings. The former starting Buck point guard has certainly made an impact on Motor City. With incredible passes and the ability to score on his own, Jennings has really taken the lead of his team. Averaging 17 ppg and 8.3 assists, he has really proved that he's got some fuel in him (see what I did there). Continuing the same stats from last year, Jennings is proving himself to be a great player, and maybe even an All-Star.

What are your thoughts on the Detroit Pistons? Let me know in the comments below!

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